Favorite Place to Stay in Napa – Carneros Resort


If you read this blog on the regular, you know how much I love Californian Wine Country, and Napa in Particular. Although we have stayed at a few different hotels in the area, we always end up coming back here. There is something absolutely idyllic about the Carneros Resort, almost otherworldly… It is so beautiful, it is hard to describe, suffice to say, it is exactly the type of a place and environment you would imagine when you think of a perfect place in the wine country.

On this particular day, we had brunch by the pool, and if you end up visiting the Carneros Resort, I highly recommend it! The area itself is absolutely gorgeous, and the food and wine selection is incredibly delicious.

What’s your ideal meal? This is mine… a beautiful, rustic charcuterie board and a nice full-bodied red. I think it’s particularly fitting for the wine country because it has this rather relaxed and casual vibe.

The gorgeous pool area overlooking the wine country landscapes… I think it is the most beautiful pool in Napa County. There is a certain kind of openness about it which allows you to enjoy the environment around you.

Uploaded this look to my SHOP INSTAGRAM page, so CLICK HERE to check it out.

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