High-level Self-introspection is necessary


Personality should not be associated with the beauty of the look, the attire of the clothes, the curly hair or the accessories. This feature may also be there in the theatre’s nuts, but due to this, they can be considered a mere attraction. He cannot be called a personality, no one has respect and respect for such people. They cannot be entrusted with any responsible work, nor can they be expected to do anything important in life. Personality means gentleness, virtue with virtue, gentleness and human dignity is by adopting style, direction and law and order. These should be a part of virtue and they should be deeply involved in behaviour, otherwise, the thugs who trap others also show themselves polite and civilized for some time. When someone is trapped in their web, they appear in their true form. They cheat and cheat them badly, betray their pockets badly. What a man really is, it cannot be understood in a while. Looking at his daily routine, he can be understood by looking at the current association and friend circle, what is his character? This character is the main part of the personality test.

Apart from this, education and thought process are also worth seeing. In some conversations, the education and faith of man come to know. The thinking appears in speech. The thugs cannot succeed in having an idealistic conversation, they do such things to trap someone as if they are friendly and want to give him a big advantage with unintentional favour. Ethics do not do such things, they do not show uncharacteristic generosity nor are they compassionate. Neither does it show the way in which the bets on earning the policy are lost. Individuals themselves defend the policy, even if they have to be reduced to it. This policy is with respect to others, whenever whoever gives advice will be one in which the character does not get hurt, even if the normal level has to be maintained.

Education is also needed to achieve complacency. Uneducated is usually boorish or foolish, their behaviour involves a policy of earning their profit by harming others. They do so themselves and they advise others to do so. The reason is that their knowledge is limited to nearby ordinary people and the average person adopts similar methods to become successful, among them the only exception is found to be good. Those who have the influence of this community, they understand that this is the custom of the world and there is no harm in adopting this custom. Well-educated, self-respecting individuals have idealistic practices. Only such great men can be found in history, they are sometimes and somewhere. It is only by reading, listening and understanding with the respect that they can come to the conclusion that these people while incurring direct losses, have followed the ideals and presented exemplary guidance to the general public. How can such people be made great by adopting ideas and adopting ideals? If we understand this, then we mould ourselves in that structure and give the same advice to others from time to time, it can be known on this test whether it is a personality or not – whether its decency is of mature level or not.


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