Sharon Tate's Secret Old Hollywood Diet Revealed


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Sharon Tate was born on January 24, 1943, in Dallas. She had several key roles that led to her success on the small screen, particularly in the television series The Beverly Hillbillies. Her work in the film Eye of the Devil in 1965 was significant in Tate’s life for two reasons: It was her first vital role in a feature film. It was shortly after making it that she met movie director Roman Polanski, who would eventually become her husband. On August 9, 1969, while eight and a half months pregnant with Polanski’s child, Tate was murdered by a group run by Charles Manson.

According to Debra Tate, Sharon’s favorite foods was a hamburger form Dolores’ Restaurant in Los Angeles. Sharon’s other favorite restaurants in LA were Hamburger Hamlet and El Coyote. El Coyote became famous for a dish they served for one month out of the year. “Blue Corn Tortillas,” and yes, the corn is blue. Sharon loved that dish!

Sharon loved the hamburgers at Dolores’ Restaurant, and she would order it with chili inside, and the chili would drip down her arms, and Sharon would like her arms as she ate. It was always the first place she went to after returning home from Europe.

El Coyote Café on Beverly Boulevard has been serving Mexican entrees since 1931. On Friday, August 8, 1969, Jay Sebring made an 8 o’clock dinner reservation for Abigail Folger, Wojciech Frykowski, Sharon Tate, and himself. After waiting 15 minutes in the bar, the four were seated and unknowingly ate their last meals, leaving at around 9:45 pm, heading back to Cielo Drive. Fifty years since the Manson murders, El Coyote remains a hot spot for locals, including many celebrities, and tourists who come to eat on California inspired Mexican food.

Quentin Tarantino’s film, Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood, which has a Manson Family storyline, filmed at El Coyote for when Tate, played by Margot Robbie, and her friends go out to dinner.

Sharon also loved boiled spinach with oil, lemon, vinegar, bacon, and seasoned rosemary, oregano, and sage. She drank tonic water with lemon and avoided sweets, potatoes, and bread.

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