The behaviour of generosity and co-operation


This world is also a big bank, out of which many valuable items like praise, prestige, cooperation, support, goodwill are distributed. One can get these by proving their authenticity. It is also accessible and right, but the confusion of unnaturalness comes in the middle and there is such a wide gap between the donor and the receiver that it is not easy to tie.

Man’s time history is a society of capital that is already deposited in the bank’s account and the money sought is easily given in return. As for character loyalty as social service, as a gentlemanly concept that has made his personality authentic, it does not make it difficult for him to redeem that bill when the opportunity arrives — get the appropriate help and acclaim.

There is no dearth of gentle behaviour in this world. The behaviour of generosity and co-operation has always been alive and will live forever, but it is necessary that a person desirous of obtaining good behaviour should present proof of his eligibility and authenticity. In the name of mercy, begging and borrowing, one can get something only in the form of an exception and that too in a voluntary form.

It is reasonable to expect the generosity of others, but at the same time, it is also expected to return what has been given. There is no ethical regular legislation in this world for freebies. Objectionable or crippled people receive as much on the basis of compassion as they do to maintain their existence. To get more valuable it is necessary to make appropriate efforts to redeem it.

Goodwill is sought from others, appreciation and prestige are also expected. These appropriate people get it in abundance and will continue to be so, but it cannot be spread like loot. The matter of deceitfully keeping someone in captivity does not last long. Prostitutes cannot receive the respect that spouses receive spontaneously. Kucchakri also waits for worship and money for some time, due to the greatness and hypocrisy, but the reality does not exist without being revealed, it remains today, if not tomorrow, then it manifests a lot of disdain compared to the previous companionship. The hypocritical creation of gentleness is not embraced by anyone, it is a reaction, it spreads far and wide like deodorant.

Deodorant and fragrant produce are in their definite place, but they are not limited in that range. She makes her presence felt even to the far-flung areas, people feel their way, are happy or excited. Upon reaching near the sandalwood tree, sometime in the shadow, he wishes to take advantage of peace and happiness but to get away quickly from where the rotten mud, fumes of burning bodies are rising in the crematorium. The legs have to be extended. Origin produces attraction and distraction to suit its level. The authenticity of the personality assures everyone, consoles and invites bestiality to accompany. It is the accumulation of these goodwills that makes someone happy internally, on the basis of this capital, a person rises high. Passes by the courage to do such big things that ordinary people can neither imagine nor dare. Where does this force come from? It is not from tonic chemicals, not from Malla Vidya or Shastrastra. Its origin is the pride which is attained as self-strength on the basis of authenticity.


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