Wyze Plug Outdoor smart outlets set schedules for outdoor lights and monitor energy » Gadget Flow


Automate your outdoor lighting and keep a watchful eye over your energy consumption with the Wyze Plug Outdoor smart outlets. This outdoor gadget helps you schedule your string lights or make it look like you’re at home while on vacation. What’s more, the Plug Outdoor also includes energy monitoring, letting you set consumption alerts and see your historical energy use in the Wyze app. Even better, its built-in light sensor allows it to turn lights on and off based on environmental light. Furthermore, this gadget withstands rain, dirt, dust, and snow thanks to the IP64 rating. Then, with the Wyze app, you can control this smart home gadget from anywhere. Additionally, you get independent control of both outlets at any time. Finally, light up your outdoor space via the app and voice control.

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